# Accept a referral

Referral validity

You will only be eligible for reward in this challenge if you met all the below conditions:

  1. you have not yet made your first post, and
  2. you have been referred by another user via the referral program of which the PR has been accepted.

Upon completion of this challenge, you will get the currently designated amount of Desmos Tokens. Each user (verified with an account on GitHub) can only be rewarded once.

Referral accepting reward

The current amount of Desmos Tokens that you will get upon accepting a referral is 30 Desmos Tokens

Once you have met the above conditions and completed the challenge, you are now ready to get your Desmos Tokens. To do so, you need to:

  1. Create a fork of this repo inside your private GitHub profile.
    If you do not know how to do it, follow the GitHub fork guide.

  2. Pull the fork locally:

    git clone https://github.com/<your-github-name>/primer.git ~/desmos-primer
    cd ~/desmos-primer
  3. Create a file named as your GitHub username and containing the GitHub username of the referring friend under the phases/phase-1/referred folder:

    echo "<Referee GitHub name>" >> ./phases/phase-1/challenges/referred/<your-github-name>
    # Example
    # echo "kwunyeung" >> ./phases/phase-1/challenges/referred/RiccardoM
  4. Commit the changes, push them to your forked repo and create a pull request. If you do not know how to create one, please refer to the GitHub Pull Requests guide.

Last Updated: 3/10/2021, 7:06:58 AM